7 thoughts on “Thank you for fighting back.

  1. Please take the ugly picture of him out of this. I reposted, but I really hate subjecting my friends to his picture and won’t usually repost anything with his photo.Thanks for the suggestions. Getting to work.


  2. Dear all, I so much like and respect this list! But it needs to be kept up to date in real time. The Hamilton Electors went live on Facebook and said: What’s needed now really aren’t more calls and emails urging them to not vote Trump. In fact, emails are at this point alienating – they can’t possibly read them. Their next step request: call governors offices, state houses, the head of your state senate and assemblies, and ask them to DEMAND that electors be fully briefed by our intelligence agencies on the Russian interventions and potential contacts with the Trump campaign, before the December 19th Electors’ meetings. They suggest everybody call their governors and state houses and ask them not to certify their votes, and to demand that they demand that the electors be fully briefed on the Russian interventions, and potential contacts with the Trump campaign, before the December 19th.

    Another thing that needs to be done is: Nancy Pelosi wants to delay the Electors’ meeting. This date is codified by law. To do so she needs massive support. She asked people to email her on her page and asked non-constituents to add an email to American.voices@mail.house.gov.

    A third thing is, if you live in a big state, to contact your state Attorney General and ask them to file suit based on Lawerence Lessig’s equal protection argument.

    Also: Only three major HRC operatives have come out and done interviews since the election. One was Jennifer Palmieri the other evening. She emphasized the need for Obama to follow through on the letter from 8 Senators on the Intelligence Committee to declassify information on Russian interference with our election. Call the WH and demand this. She is saying it for a reason. Comment line is 202-456-1111.


  3. One of the biggest ways the public can send a message: massive tax resistance.
    This is a time-honored form of free speech (used by the suffragettes).
    rump himself is a tax resister, he pays $0, when he could easily afford to pay average rates on his profits – and says that’s ‘smart’. Why? because he thinks the government is a ‘disaster’.
    That makes him a tax resister.

    The way he does it is to declare vastly inflated values for his real estate assets, enough to cancel out all income. This is dishonest, but he gets away with it due to his size and ability to keep the IRS busy with lawyers fighting the audits continuously.

    We can start an organized campaign to resist paying federal income tax.
    1: max out form w-4 deductions so no withholding is taken
    2: file automatic return extension before April 15
    3: copy The Donald and prepare a schedule C return that exaggerates the value of your real-estate short-term rental holdings. This is what Trump U would teach you do to. Document your holdings’ value as best you can.

    If the IRS gets millions of these returns, we will have a similar advantage to what rump has in his own tax resistance efforts. It would be impossible for the IRS to audit so many protest returns. In addition, we’re not refusing to pay, just delaying it as long as possible and arguing over how much. Just like the donald.


  4. Modify number 15. Keep the population in blue states. Electoral college votes are based on the number of Senators (2 per states) plus the number of Congressional districts in each state which is based on population. Therefore, how about encouraging the democrats in red states to move to blue or swing states. For those of us who can’t do that due to job or family obligations how about sending donations to campaigns in swing or blue states where our money may help get a candidate elected.


  5. You want to fight against Trump administration,you will have to fight dirty double down and punch dirty Trump,start a revolution,the Military army will never defend a crooked administration,Military in US will never shoot their own mothers,brothers,children’s,all generals in US army will never fallow orders to start shooting US population if the revolution is started,yes the country will become divided and second civil war will start,you want to defend the last bastion of democracy in U.S.A start a revolution and play dirty and be ready to spill some of your blood ,people who support Trump will abandon him eventually because they care more for their lives rather than than support Trump.If you’re not ready for any of this actions,your country US will suffer tremendous and become the clown of the world with a clown to the white house while other powers will rise high and they will preach and breed new democracy in order to be preserved while US will become the weak and a puppet with a Dictator who will do anything in his power to control the Supreme Court and Media,if you think Hitler was bad,you just didn’t see nothing yet what is about to come in US. Trump is testing the Supreme court and the democracy in US,he will be like a invisible thief in the night,he will annihilate everything is against him,while he will create his new Gestapo Army totally under his control. I love U.S.A and are still good people there with high morals and i know they can fight against the evil government to defend the freedom and bring to Justice those they plot all the mess is now US,and it will be Justice. Stop the madness before is to late and Fight dirty against the dirty.


  6. Great list!

    Just wanted to let you know that your site was listed in the recently-released book, Not Our President: The Movement against the Agenda of Tricky Don & Wingman Mike.

    The roughly 55,000-word book – written by progressive journalist Jack Thor – is being offered for just $2.99 by Amazon Digital Services at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WWJLCWK

    The book details what people such as former congressional staffer Ezra Levin and librarian Rebecca McCorkindale are doing to oppose the harmful policies of Donald Trump and Michael Pence, and make a difference to restore confidence and integrity to the U.S. political system. It spins the story forward with recommendations on how readers can aid in this movement, including a list of about 300 resources and websites to check.

    The book was free to download for five days in early March and rose to the top ten of Amazon’s Kindle best sellers in two categories. Part of it can be read free on the Amazon page. Thor sought to keep the price the lowest possible – $2.99 is the minimum you have to charge to have it marketed in a special Amazon program.

    Thor plans to release a print version in the near future.

    Yours in the resistance,



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