99 Ways to Fight Trump:

Stop by for more actions as we build to 99 and beyond:

  1. Read this great guide from Indivisible
  2. Check out the Resistance Calendar
  3. Don’t just complain to your friends, let Congress know how you feel.  Often.  When you disagree with them AND when you agree.  Write Reps here & Senators here.
  4. Tell state legislatures it’s time to get rid of the Electoral College.  We can make it happen, and we can do it without a Constitutional amendment, through an innovative approach known as the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.
  5. Call Congress: (202)225-3121 will connect you to any member
  6. Donate to the ACLU, and help them fight back to defend our freedom.
  7. Share this post.  Tons of people are looking for a way to fight back, and need specific guidance.
  8. Run for office. School board, local council, dog catcher, etc.  Perilously few good people are doing this, and some frighteningly stupid people are winning as a result. (If you’re a young woman interested in running, check out Running Start)
  9. Take action online. Repeatedly, and on multiple issues.  Don’t let decision-makers just hear from one side.
  10. Keep a sense of humor.  It will keep you sane.  And it can be a very powerful way to communicate a message.
  11. Create your own fake Trump tweets. Use his favorite medium to mock him.
  12. Register to vote.  And then VOTE.
  13. Set a recurring weekly appointment in your calendar to contact Congress.
  14. Don’t get distracted by what he tweets.  He’s had a pattern of sending outrageous tweets to take attention away negative news about him.
  15. Keep up with the latest progressive news, for activism opportunities. Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo are particularly good sources (and consider making a donation to them as well, to help offset expenses, which can be very high with a high-traffic web site)
  16. Make a special effort to reach out to people in groups who may feel especially targeted by Trump’s rhetoric and actions.  Let them know they have support.
  17. Do you live in a very blue state, like New York or California?  Thinking about moving?  Think about moving to a purple/swing state, and help tip the balance!
  18. Push our elected officials to hold hearings on conflict of interest issues as outlined in the Constitution (see “Emoluments” clause) and move towards impeachment if action is not taken by Trump.
  19. Ask the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to investigate conflicts of interest in President Elect Trump’s business empire. Don’t call, use this web form: https://oversight.house.gov/whistle/ Put “End White House Corruption” in the subject line. Direct your post at: Chairman Chaffetz. Chaffetz is a conservative Mormon. He often speaks of the need for moral government. Don’t come across left; say “this is a compelling moral issue for our country”. Use terms he will recognize from his Mormon beliefs, such as: you have a moral obligation to your country and to your LDS testimony….The word “testimony” is key.
  20. In all of your communications with Congress, point out that the Democrats won by over 2 million votes. There is no mandate here, and they need to serve the needs of ALL Americans.
  21. If you see news stories that are “normalizing” the Trump regime, see if the reporter has an email listed. If they do, send the reporter an email about this.
  22. Donate to the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC). These folks are a savvy group of environmental lawyers, and we’ll need ’em in the coming years. Think of NRDC as the “ACLU of the environmental movement.”
  23. Attend the TOWN MEETINGS of US House Representatives and Senators. Dress up, come armed with facts, and bring a dozen friends.
  24. IF YOU LIVE IN DC, part 1: Fly the rainbow flag, so Pence will see LGBT support everywhere he goes. Get ’em in windows and get ’em on flagpoles, and if we get a couple thousand of ’em we can make this a national news story that highlights Pence’s homophobia. DC voted for HRC at 94%; let’s fly the colors so it LOOKS like we voted 94%.
  25. IF YOU LIVE IN DC, part 2: Put a sign in your window showing the popular vote totals and keep it there for four years. Keep reminding team Trump and his minions we…er…won…and he…er…won on a technicality.
  26. IF YOU LIVE IN DC, part 3: Attend the counter Trump demonstrations in DC. Opposition drives Trump crazy. Let’s see how many tweet storms we can generate.
  27. IF YOU LIVE IN DC, part 4: Make a custom bumper sticker for your car: LGBT yes PENCE no. Love Trumps Hate. Etc.
  28. IF YOU LIVE IN DC, part 5: Give business to Comet Ping Pong, a great pizza place which has been unfairly attacked by 100% BS right-wing conspiracy stories, stories which drove a man wielding a gun to show up to “self-investigate.”  Don’t let the nuts drive this place out of business.
  29. EMAIL AND CALL SMARTLY: Don’t wear your partisanship on your sleeve, it makes you less effective. If you are calling about renewable energy say “America needs the jobs renewable energy brings and wind and solar entrepreneurs deserve our support”. If you are calling to push Congress to investigate Trump’s shady business deals, say “Congress has a moral responsibility to do this”. Quote the Bible, it carries weight with these gents.
  30. Don’t be a free press freeloader, part 1. GIVE your $$$ to the NY Times and the Washington Post. Pay for the premium subscriptions.
  31. Don’t be a free press freeloader, part 2: GIVE to National Public Radio (NPR).
  32. Keep up with new actions as they are posted, take them, and spread them.
  33. Tell your slacktivist friends to put up or shut up. You know ’em. The friend who comes to dinner and kvetches about the world but has never made a phone call, sent an email, donated or volunteered on a campaign or written a letter to the editor. If you aren’t willing to act you aren’t permitted to complain.
  34. Turn Facebook anger into real action. EVERY TIME you post an article or meme on Facebook bellyaching about team Trump, take a REAL action. Email an elected official or the White House.
  35. Twitter has gone on record, saying it would consider banning him if he violated their terms of service re: abuse.  Hold them to that.
  36. Make a pledge now to volunteer for a 2018 campaign. Keep that pledge.
  37. VISIT your Congressional office. If it’s the GOP, dress up be polite, wear a flag pin and tell them to uphold family values. If it’s on the Democratic side, TALK to the staff, ask them what they need YOU to do to get involved, and tell them you are willing to help.
  38. KEEP AN ACTIVIST DIARY: Sure, we are mad as hell now, but we won’t be as mad in 6 months, so record all your actions. When you see yourself slacking off (oops, no entries for a month), get back on the email/phone/letter writing horse.
  39. ON ISSUES YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT: Don’t just call your GOP Senator, ask to speak to the staff person who handles that issue. Don’t just rant at them, engage in actual conversation. Try to be persuasive.
  40. Concerned about climate change? Write a letter and call your local tv station and tell them you’d like your weatherman/woman to incorporate climate change into the weather coverage.
  41. Help this horse’s ass get more FB fans than Trump
  42. Feeling rage?  Then “rage donate” to your favorite Trump-fighting organizations.
  43. Tell Democratic Senators to block all of Trump’s Supreme Court picks.  They can do it, as long as the filibuster is still in place. Republicans blocked Obama’s pick, so if that’s how they want to play, game on.
  44. Pledge to volunteer 306 hours over Trump’s term to fight back against Trump’s message of anger and division.
  45. Join your local Democratic organization. If there isn’t one, start one!
  46. Make a donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors and legally fights hate groups all over the country.
  47. Track what your state legislature is doing.  Support the bills you like, and fight the bills that need to be stopped.
  48. Make a pledge to BuyOutTrump.com, and try to convince Trump to retire before he takes office.
  49. Check out Wall of Us for “4 concrete acts of resistance a week”
  50. Keep abreast with the latest Trump corruption with Corrupt.af
  51. Are you an American living in another country?  Join Democrats Abroad
  52. Set a weekly recurring “take action” appointment in your Outlook/Google/other calendar. Then come here and take at least one action.
  53. Add the phone numbers for your elected officials to your phone contacts, so you can speed dial them when you want to praise them or complain to them.
  54. Voice your opinion about the conflict of interest inherent in Trump’s being executive producer of Celebrity Apprentice for NBC that is supposed to be reporting on him in an unbiased manner. There’s a online contact form for that: http://www.nbc.com/contact-us
  55. When buying gifts for those you love that “have everything”, either 1) make a donation to an organization that supports issues important to you (and hopefully your gift recipient) from ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center to FreePress, NPR, NRDC, WWF, etc. or 2) buy them a subscription to help support a free, independent press such as the NY Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, etc.
  56. A great site for tracking legislation, getting contact info for Congressmen/women or looking up their voting records, and finding out who’s on what committee is http://www.govtrack.us. It’s non-profit, bipartisan, user-friendly and well designed. Check it out and consider making a donation to support it.
  57. Make sure everyone you know has photo i.d. and is registered to vote. If they don’t have government issued photo i.d. take them to a place where they can obtain the required documentation.
  58. Thank the journalists and public officials who investigate, criticize and stand up to Trump. We need to give each other support and moral courage in the face of this authoritarian liar who tries to escape accountability at every turn.
  59. Don’t waste time arguing online with right-wing trolls/Trumpets.  If you’re never going to convince them to change their minds, spend the time instead working to reach out to those persuadables in the middle, or helping to mobilize those already on our side.
  60. If  you find yourself trapped (say, at a family holiday dinner) by “fact deniers” who spew nonsense, don’t get mad, just make sure to “out-jackass” them.  When they say “President Obama was born in Kenya”, respond with, “oh yeah, well Trump is a lizard wearing a human skin suit! His birth certificate is forged!”  When they say (without any evidence) “Trump actually won the popular vote if you exclude the 3 million illegals who voted for him!” You respond, “No, Trump lost even bigger when you exclude the 7 million unicorns who voted for him!”  You’re never going to convince the fact-deniers anyway, so you might as well have some fun making them try to argue with absurdity for a change.
  61. Spread the word about the massive turnout for the “Women’s March on Washington“.
  62. Tired of seeing Trump?  This Chrome extension will turn pictures of Trump into pictures of kittens.
  63. When you get one of those group emails spouting some wildly nonsensical right-wing lie, check out Snopes, find the evidence to refute it, and politely “reply all” with it.  Odds are the knucklehead who sent it won’t care about actual facts, but even if you convince a few others on the thread that the message was BS, that’s worth it.
  64. Follow the Onion, and keep an eye out for its satirical takes on Trump’s nuttery.  And then share the heck out of them.  Humor can be a powerful way to pierce the veneer of cynicism people have when it comes to politics, and to get your message through.  And many people who might not respond to a straightforward argument might “get” this approach better.
  65. Join a union.  Or a church.  Or both. Help to build networks that can foster progressive change, and enable you to make connections with those who may not agree with us now, but who are potentially persuadable.
  66. Keep reminding Trump and Trump supporters that he lost the popular vote, and that he does not have anything close to a “mandate.”  There’s a reason this bothers him so much.
  67. Check out the 2020 election countdown clock every now and then, to remind yourself his term won’t last forever — and keep you sane.
  68. Or, keep an eye on the Trump Countdown Clock, and see how many days are left until a new president is inaugurated in 2021.
  69. Donate to the Environmental Defense Fund, and help them fight back against Trump’s team of climate deniers.
  70. Learn how to stand up for those being harassed.
  71. Join the Swing State Pledge group, and help get out the vote in swing states.
  72. Follow Kurt Eichenwald on Twitter.
  73. Follow the story re: Trump and Russian interference in the election.  This could heat up a lot as more shoes drop.
  74. Shop against Trump.  Make your dollars work against him.
  75. The “POTUS” Twitter handle switches from Obama to Trump on January 20th.  A good day to unfollow it, or flood it with “Delete your account” messages.
  76. Share Trump spoofs from SNL.  One, because they really annoy him, but more importantly, because they show him as the buffoon he is, helping reduce his approval (remember what they did for Sarah Palin)
  77. Urge your state to follow California’s lead, and insist that presidential candidates release their tax returns if they want to be on the 2020 ballot.
  78. Trump lied when he said Mexico would pay for a border wall — so tell him if he wants a wall, he should pay for it himself, not with tax dollars.
  79. Use the hashtag #GoldenGate.  It’ll drive them crazy.
  80. Share these photos
  81. Show your support for impeachment.  He’s earned it.
  82. These are pictures that Trump apparently hates, and doesn’t want people to share.  You know what to do.
  83. Start saving $10 a week right now for the 2018 mid-term election, and then donate it to your favorite Democratic Congressional candidates once they are chosen.
  84. Better yet, start donating to It Starts Today, and have them do it for you!
  85. Support Rep. Jamie Raskin, and his call for impeachment
  86. When people refer to him as “POTUS”, respond by calling him “PEE-TUS”.  It’ll drive them crazy.
  87. Remind people again and again that Trump’s inaugural crowd was waaaaaaaaaay lower than Obama’s. It drives them crazy.
  88. Speaking of crazy, meet Sean Spicer, Trump’s spokesman and a liar of epically comical proportions.  Make sure to mock him accordingly.
  89. Don’t just preach to the choir — get to know people who voted for Trump, and try to (politely) convince them to do otherwise if he runs again in 2020.  We’re not going to win them all over, but if we swing even 1%, that could make the difference.
  90. “Trump Hotel No-Show” – This is a suggestion from a reader: “Make a reservation at a Trump Hotel, and then cancel it at the last minute before you are actually charged anything (most hotels allow you to do so more than 24 hours before, but check carefully, as this can change). If we get enough people to do this, the hotel will always be stuck with empty rooms, meaning more lost income for the Donald.”
  91. Keep an eye on this lawsuit against Trump. This could get very big.
  92. Get ready to march again on April 15th
  93. Add “99WaysToFightTrump.com” to your email signature, so you can automatically help spread the word with every email.
  94. Once a week, copy this into a Facebook post: “99 ways to fight Trump. Do one.  Do them all.  But do something. http://99WaysToFightTrump.com
  95. When you hear Trump or his Trumpanzee followers spewing the lie that he won the popular vote, push back with this.
  96. Keep reminding Trump and his supporters that there were WAAAAAAAY more people at the Women’s March than at his inauguration.  He apparently is quite miffed about that.
  97. White House not picking up its calls?  Call Trump Tower instead.
  98. When Trump talks about “millions of illegal voters,” share this article to show that his claim is utter horse shit.
  99. Follow and share Trump Regrets on Twitter. Trump voters who now regret it.
  100. Wow, you made it all the way down here!  Now go back to the top and start working your way through the list again!
  101. (Stay tuned, we’ll be adding more as we build to 99 ways and beyond)