105 thoughts on “Got suggestions?

  1. Remove #9!! [Create your own fake Trump tweets. Use his favorite medium to mock him.] I skimmed through the comments and didn’t notice any opposition to this. We have gotten where we are in part because of fake news. Come on! We must be the ones who fight for truth, not expand on lies.


    1. Fighting fake news and lying news is easy and important, but nobody is rallying to do this.
      Collectively tune them out and that crushes their bottom line. People spending money is 2/3rds of our economy – our pocketbooks can be big protest. How, don’t watch super bowl. That would be a huge hit to fox. Don’t log in to Facebook for a week/month, but post your protest there before doing it so everyone knows. Harder, but for event periods make reservations at trump hotels well in advance taking those rooms out of the pool then cancel 2 days before (check that this is the policy!)


  2. It would be great to start a Facebook group with this posted front and center, updated as more tasks are posted. Whenever someone completes an action, they could post on the page, and the likes would be great validation. Would be inspiring to see everyone taking action! We could invite our friends to the page to grow the awareness of the list, and help bring more people into the fold.


  3. Stop giving his surrogates “air-time”. THEY ARE NOT RELEVANT. Don’t click through on any articles that start with things like “Kellyanne Conway stated…” Don’t tune into any programs channels that feature any surrogate as a guest (sometimes touted as an “expert”). Don’t comment (even to argue or produce a counterpoint) when your social media network participants share something. Just stop paying attention, stop helping them normalize what is abnormal. Even critical comments add to this phenomenon. Remember the old saying: “Bad publicity is still publicity”.


  4. Join MoveToAmend.org and watch “Legalize Democracy” free on YouTube. Then organize a public showing of “We The People 2.0” their latest release! Reclaim our Democracy by getting money out of politics with a constitutional amendment specifying 1. Corporations are not People and 2. Money is Not Free Speech.


  5. Join your local LWV (League of Women Voters). This is a strong and effective organization that neither supports nor opposes political parties. The League seeks to influence public policy positions issues (social, governmental, environmental and more) through education and advocacy. Our policy positions have been thoroughly researched and adopted by member consensus. All men and women age 16 and up are invited to join the LWV where hands-on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement. No local League near you? Contact LWVUS and find out how to start one!


  6. Fly A Purple Flag

    The Purple Flag: A symbol of unity, diversity and tolerance

    One Color: For American Unity (e.g., “We, the People”)

    One Color: To Represent Our Shared Humanity

    Purple Because
    • Red + Blue = Purple = Americans United
    • Purple has great meaning in African American,
    Hispanic, LGBTQ, and Muslim communities
    • Purple is the color for religious tolerance
    • Purple is associated with anti-bullying

    More Reasons for Purple:
    • A Purple Flag: To call someone on their bullshit (Urban
    • Purple Beach Warning Flag: dangerous animals in the
    water (e.g., a danger just below the surface)
    • Hillary wore purple when she conceded the election

    Like the rainbow flag, the Purple Flag can be a powerful
    symbol as unite us together for diversity, tolerance, decency
    and our shared humanity in the months and years ahead.

    Fly the Purple Flag


  7. • Cut back on energy consumption since he’s loaded his cabinet with those who make money off oil and gas. Carpool, bike, walk, lower your thermostat, switch to solar or wind if you can afford it.
    • Become a Vegan or at least eat more veggies and cut back on animal products. Most of those profiting are ranchers who vote Red. Buy more veggies grown in California.
    • When you have a choice buy a product from a Blue state.


    1. P. Smith, I am not chastising, but I live in a ‘red’ state and am a die-hard liberal. I love your passion and desire to right wrongs, but we are all in the same country and sadly are divided enough as it is. I know I feel isolated here in Texas, my wonderful liberal friends notwithstanding. That feeling is magnified when people talk about punishing red states in any number of ways. Instead of doing things which only exacerbate our divide, maybe we should try to come up with ideas to try to bring us together again. I admit that I don’t have the answers, however I just wanted to remind people not to generalize….red states have blue blood too. Maybe we should have town hall meetings for the purpose of trying to reconcile ourselves back into a country. Maybe as we talk, we will gain insight and become red white and blue once more.


      1. I so agree with you. My college roommate from early seventies lives in Austin since Katrina. She loves Austin. We need to unite so I am uniting with you from Ponte Vedra Beach. Thanks for your post


  8. Since we can no longer trust our officials to combat climate change, find ways to do it in your own life:

    – research your bank. If they invest in fossil fuel extraction (TD Bank, Wells Fargo), move all accounts to smaller banks with better track records . after you’ve made the switch, contact your cruddy old big bank and let them know exactly why you made the switch
    – if you afford it, or live in an area where it’s accessible, switch to solar
    – push for your city to go fully renewable to switch to renewable as best they can
    – reduce your reliance on plastics (carry a re-usable water bottle, buy bulk)
    -ladies, try switching to period underwear or a menstrual cup (less waste, cheaper, better for the environment, and frankly- just better than putting chemicals up there. I’m not even your average hippy type and I love using a cup)
    – if you heat your house with oil, see about getting bio-oil (it’s actually cheaper in our area)
    – eat less meat. If you have to choose between beef or poultry, fish, choose the latter. Eat lower on the food chain. (But also don’t stress out about it because sometimes you might just want to have a burger and that’s okay.)
    – support efforts to combat big oil. Donate to water protectors at Standing Rock. Research and pay attention to activity from oil and chemical companies in your community.
    – talk about climate change. talk about it as a fact, not a theory.
    – buy companies that have made a commitment to addressing climate change.
    – like mentioned above, make sure to donate to orgs that are doing environmental work.


  9. Here is something for the shy to do. While in the checkout line, turn around the magazines with his face on the front so you don’t have to see the ugly animal while waiting. Especially the National Enquirer, which his good buddy owns. If it offends me and degrades others, I don’t think kids should be subjected to always seeing his contorted sneers.


  10. Idea one: Join a union, almost any will do.

    It strikes me that one thing to do in this dreadful period in our nation’s history is to cultivate as many networks as we can. For that reason, maybe everyone should consider joining some sort of labor union…almost any labor union.

    I, for example, am your typical middle aged white collar worker fresh from a cubical. But, I also write now and then. And if you are on DailyKos, you probably do, too.

    So, why not join the National Writer’s Union? It is affiliated with the UAW and the AFL/CIO and has a strong pro-labor agenda. It offers great connections, legal advice, and works pretty hard for freedom of expression. You can even get health insurance through them via Working America Health Care.

    So, if you’re not a member of some other union, I’d strongly urge you to check out the NWU. It’s webpage is here:



  11. Idea two: Join a liberal church (no, really. I’m not kidding).

    Here’s another idea for how to, well, fight back. Or at least prepare for the next four to eight (God forbid!) years. It is going to be a little odd, but please don’t just stop reading when you see it. There is a method to my madness.

    Here’s the idea: Join a church.

    No, really. I mean it. I know that sounds bizarre, particularly coming from me. I, mean, I am Mr. Secular Humanism. But, here’s the thing. I seem to be involved with a local United Church of Christ (UCC). It is small, very liberal, and very activist. (A bunch of us from the congregation are headed down to visit the local Islamic Center for Friday prayers this very afternoon.)

    And here’s why I’m suggesting that you get involved with a church or synagogue or whatever. We need networks in this alien age. We need to be able to touch base with like minded people, and to find resources.

    Churches are tailor-made for that. They’re national and even international. They provide support groups. They link people together. They have at least some resources. And they are protected by law (the Right hates liberal churches, but there isn’t much they can do about them. After all, if they delegitimate left wing churches, they risk their own churches’ legal standing as well.)

    Moreover, they can move very quickly to address social injustices (after Trump’s election, the UCC developed a nation-wide policy of offering sanctuary to Muslims). And they can provide surprisingly secure communications over wide areas. Pastors and church members are always talking to one another.

    And, maybe best of all, they are instant support groups — emotionally, socially, and (sometimes) even financially.

    So, here’s what I suggest. Shop around. Find a very liberal church in your area. Try your local Unitarians. Or look for an UCC church (most, but not all of them are fairly on the left). I’ve also heard good things about the Disciples of Christ.

    Then, get involved. You don’t even have to join the congregation. Just attend regularly (doze through sermons if need be) and meet the paster and make friends and allies.

    May serve you well in the long run.

    Here’s some links

    United Church of Christ (very active in supporting the LGBT communities): http://www.ucc.org/

    Disciples of Christ: http://disciples.org/

    Unitarian Universalist: http://www.uua.org/


  12. STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY!!! Only buy what you absolutely need and only support local small businesses where possible. Support corporations that do progressive work in the world. Boycott those that don’t (hello again Exxon). Don’t travel to red states (blue areas of red states are OK. We got you Austin.) We cancelled two trip (KY and SC) this year so we can keep our vacay $$ in progressive states. Money is the only language these people understand. The only power we have is to control the economy by using spending to reward or punish the GOP and its leader. Every time they pass a stupid law or cut spending on social programs just sit out spending any money for a day or two. They can punish us for speaking out and protesting (watch the laws change on this once you-know-who is in power) but they cannot do anything to us for not spending our money. And you might feel a little better with less debt.


  13. Hi!

    We are Donate Bigly (www.donatebigly.com), a wry website created after the election, inspired by the donations to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name. We help people donate to worthy causes “in honor of” Trump, Pence and their nominees. You can donate to the ACLU on behalf of Bannon or the NAACP on behalf of Sessions. And we take no cut!

    Our hope is to take anger and channel it towards good, while sending a message to the incoming administration about our values and beliefs.

    We’re up to nearly 50K page views, a FB community of over 500, over $7K in documented donations and have been featured in The Guardian and CommonDreams. At the moment, we’re hoping to grow our community and form relationships with other awesome resistance organizations, like yours.

    If you would consider adding us one of your 99 Actions we’d be most grateful, and happy to return the favor on our website.

    And also, thank you so much for what you’re doing!



  14. Ok guys.
    Here in France we have a similar story that occurred 10 years ago with a president called Nicolas Sarkozy, who was exactly the same as your one: Same profile same behavior.
    A couple of suggestions taken from our story:
    – don’t think you will deal with the problem in a short term. You need to think in a 8 years term because this is exactly your future. The best way is to accept it and put yourselves in a medium term to eradicate your Donald.
    RIDICULIZE HIM AS MUCH AND AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN . Because as his mental illness looks like Sarkozy’s, the best way to fight a ridiculous child hidden in an adult body is to CONSTANTLY RIDICULIZE HIM in a wide and viral way.
    Consequently, the guy wil become more and more crazy and will make several mistakes that will finally destroy him.
    But Remember: It’s a long long way.
    Good luck and best wishes from the other side of Atlantic…


  15. Divest from Big Banks like Jp Morgan, Chase, BOA ect. these banks are funding The North Dakota Pipeline and Keystone. Move your money to a local bank not affiliated with big banks. Trump just signed the executive order to proceed with these pipelines, which invade Native American land.


  16. As a great expansion of how to act on suggestion #88, ‘Trump Hotel No-Show’, check out the THORN Project page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=238487733267628&id=238483823268019&substory_index=0 or https://www.facebook.com/The-THORN-Project-238483823268019/ . The page provides a further description of the process and potential effects of this ‘no-show’ action, and a ton of booking links to virtually all of Trump’s hotel properties worldwide. What a simple way to tweak the Donald.


  17. Maybe I’m missing the humor here, but this list seems to advocate for what it claims to advocate against: hate and division. I see reason in a splatter of these suggestions like reaching out to congress and vocalizing your beliefs, but to focus on the harassment and ridicule of our now president not only divides us more but plows more ground for hate to bloom. Where in this list does it advise to grow your perspective by learning what the other side thinks in order to better argue your position? Instead of sharing unattractive photos of our president, as number 78 suggests, which is completely ineffective by the way, read the published executive acts to become better informed of what is actually happening. The goal of protest should not be to harass and name call as numbers 22, 23, and 58 suggest, but to engage in conversation and debate. How can one do that successfully by ostracizing the other side through name calling and the renouncing of our nation’s legal processes? Is it not hypocritical for number 68 to preach how to combat harassment when sections of this list advocate the harassment of others (refer to 22, 23, 58, 80 and a few others). Again, maybe I missed the humor, but this list not only pushes the limits of comedy but is written in the tone of a bully who didn’t get his/her way. Disappointment is no justification for spreading bitterness as this article appears to do. Number 79 recommends showing your support for our president’s impeachment because he has “earned it.” He hasn’t been given a chance to earn it! He has been in office for 10 days! And if you believe that 10 days is long enough given what he has already done, then you should at least marvel at his unprecedented efficiency and figure out just what exactly he is getting done instead of trying to out-compete his social media accounts as numbers 7, 9, and 39 imply. Inform yourself. Read. If you don’t like what you find, then ask yourself why and develop a logical argument. You don’t like the “facts” or “alternative facts” or “inverse facts” or whatever facts you stumble upon, then go find reliable sources yourself. Sporting bumper stickers and donating to organizations does not draw out facts, it perpetuates bias. Research and self-educate. Don’t rely on teachers, professors, or even the news to do it for you. Talk to people you disagree with instead of shaming them with political memes online. Does that sound like a conversation starter or a way of revealing and judging political bias? Speak out in the peaceful means our freedom endorses if you are so inclined, but bombarding the internet and other social forums with messages that echo the attitude of this “99 Ways..” will not inspire those who oppose you to listen.


  18. I don´t believe that I saw a suggestion to encourage OTHERS to register to vote. This could take many forms like asking new people you meet if they are registered to vote and following up with them if not, or setting a monthly target to register 1 person (maybe carry registration forms with you – if used in your state), or organize a registration drive (now!) at an organization as soon as they get hit with the next heap-o-crazy move that negatively impacts the organization´s primary interest. For example, if the Repubs want to remove environmental regulations like the prohibition of dumping coal mining ashes into streams, you could have luck downstream from a coal mine.


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